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greenspaceit's me
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I am a beautiful child of the universe, don't you see?

C l o ckw o rk

by greenspace

I feel like every thought I held has been scooped out. Letters from words that form hooks and they ripped out taking everything with it.

Mmmm. Sorry heart, I'll keep you safe. Don't worry.

You chase life like a dog and it's tail not knowing that what you seek is already there.

You run like a child through a meadow running her delicate hands over the tips of grass.

You smile and laugh and bring fire to people's eyes but you poor fucking soul...you don't see it. Your laugh is like wind chimes and they echo through the dark empty places of the men you kiss.

They love you, you crazy woman. They love you.

They see your child-like innocence, and they cave into your warm embrace.

Your heart shines through the walls because you can't hide your light kid. It seeps through the cracks you overlooked and the world says...

WOW. My god...

They love you, those men. They do

It doesn't matter if they stay because you said to yourself last night

"there are so many people in the world, and you don't get to forget me. You don't get to forget about me because I am unforgettable"

High on your own energy you slipped away into the street skipping and giggling.

I wonder if he watched me dance down the road, and I wonder if anyone knew I pretended I was in the meadow again.

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