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greenspaceit's me
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My heart pulls along this path called life, and I must be patient with its progress.. but I'm sad today because my dreams seem so far away


by greenspace

Oh distant dream,

You move farther and farther away from me these days

I know all flowers bloom in their own time

This journey will strengthen me for the challenges waiting for me once my dream becomes reality

My heart does call for it. I've never been more certain about anything in my life.

I belong on Bali. I will find a piece of my heart, my soul there.

Maybe because by the time I'm ready to leave I will have found what I was looking for along the way..

But if the time ever comes for me to breathe in this air ... I will weep with gratitude

I will bless life for my challenges

For constructing me and strengthening me

If the days comes where I walk freely through these streets... I know it will be because I am ready for it

I will wait for you, BalI.

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