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green217Just your local History enthusiast
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Maybe the most thought provoking thing you've ever read.
Maybe not.

Ancient Family Proverb

by green217

There is a proverb passed down in my family.

It seems dumb but we always feel smart when we recite it word for word.

Sometime after my 14th birthday my grandfather tried to teach it to me, but I ignored him.

It just didn't seem very important- not when I could be doing homework or (as 14 year old me was prone to do) watch anime.

However, my grandfather persisted and eventually I learned.

He'd gripe at me every time I missed a phrase or goofed up a line, but eventually I- like generations before me- memorized that little proverb.

Actually- thinking back- I'm not sure that it is a proverb.

More like a dumb little story disguising something deeper.

I think.

My aunt wrote a twelve page paper on it in high school and my great grandmother has it doodled in her bible.

My grandfather of course taught it to me, while my father and I will sometimes repeat it over and over again in the car in progressively weirder voices.

So clearly it's important somehow- but I'm afraid I don't know the exact purpose of it or who made it up.

Perhaps it's just a movie quote we all repurposed and forgot about, but somehow I doubt it.

Well, I suppose it doesn't matter in the end- it's a great conversation starter if nothing else.

All this talk and I'm sure that you're wondering exactly what this thing is.

Luckily for you, I'm going to tell you. Perhaps you'll become enlightened after hearing it as my grandfather claims happened to him.

I don't really know, So here we go:

Those in the round

Tend to put down those in the square

But it is neither the round nor the square

But the spiral

That leads to the top of the stairs.

And there you have it.

I hope you found it as awe inspiring as my family likes to pretend it is.

Families are weird

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