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Alec and Alice’ secret

Fun land

"Alec! Alec!" Alice wailed. "Cmon, let play a board game!" She said. "No" I replied simply. "Go find something else to do". "But I want to hang out with you!" She cried. "Ugh, Fine.

Go choose one", I said. Alice is my younger sister she just recently turned 7. Im Alec, and I will be 13 soon. Me and my sister are pretty close, although we do fight a lot.

We don't have many secrets, but we do have one that we both swore not to tell anyone. Our parents don't know either, because our dad passed away before Alice was born.

And our mom is hardly ever home. I pretty much started raising Alice at the age of 8. Pretty young, if you'd ask me. Anyway, about the secret- "ALEC!" Alice yelled.

"Come here! I have it!" ."Coming" I replied. I walked into our shared room of our small house, and sat down at the small table."Funland? Again?" I asked. "YES!" Alice said. "It's my favorite!".

"Well, Lets play then" I said. I opened the game and set it up. I rolled the dice, but didn't move forwards.

Instead me and Alice look around, now in a colorful place full of roller coasters and friendly animals. This was the secret. Me and Alice had a secret power, yet a strange one.

Any board game we play, we get teleported into. Once the game finishes, we go back to our regular lives.

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