Why are we ashamed to cry
Why are we ashamed to cry tear stories

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Why are we ashamed

Why are we ashamed to cry

Crying is your hearts way of healing

We smile

we heal others

but we are not allowed to heal

don't hide it when you cry

show it.

if they say "your fine"

Say "No! I am NOT fine! I'm sad and my heart hurts"

If they say "are you okay?"

don't say "i'm fine"

say it. scream it if you have to. make them hear you. "I am NOT OKAY. I need HELP."

don't carve it on your arms

don't starve it away

don't tie it with a rope or kill it with a gun

because that...

that is a permanent solution

to a temporary problem

So if you want to take your life

go to a friend or family member

and look them in the eye and say

Im not ashamed to cry I'm sad and I need help Listen to me I am not fine Hear me I AM NOT OKAY

I am not okay. i promise

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