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She was all alone, and needed help. She can trust no one. But can anyone trust her?

Amber Alert

13-year-old Ella .K had been sitting on her luxury sofa when her screen went red.

She heard this awful beeping noise that must of went on for 20 seconds. Then a man started speaking:

"Attention. This is an amber alert. Hundreds of people have gone missing. Be on the lookout. The missing people are all from Stony lane and we believe that there will be more missing people ahead."

Ella's heart stopped. That's where she lived! She had only been home alone for almost an hour. The man continued to speak:

"If you happen to be home alone in Stony Lane please call 911 immediately. You could be in great danger."

Ella reached for her phone then another amber alert screeched out again. But this time it said:

"Attention. This is an amber alert. You are not safe if you are near Stony Lane or in Stony Lane. Stay in your home. Call family members. Call the police and they will escort you to a safe place. Be cautious of Big Vans that could carry large amounts of people. Call the police. Call for help."

Ella didn't know what to do first. She called her parents. They answered, but not for long.

" Mom, Dad, I need help please there's an ambe-" the phone hung up.

She called the police. "Hello, My name is Ella. K. I live on 556 Rock wing street in High Playground. I'm home alone and my parents won't answer. Please help me."

"Hello, my name is Madi. I'm here to help. There is a police car on there way to escort you. Please stay calm Ella. I'm here for whatever you ne-"

Once again, the line went dead. Ella was all alone. She had no choice but to wait for help.

But that wait lasted a long time. I'm going to warn you, NO ONE IS COMING. Ella knew there was only one thing left to do. If no one was coming for her, she had to go get help her self.

She packed up a backpack because she had no idea what this town held right now. Ella made a list of important things to bring: -Water -Money -Coat -Blanket -Food -Teddy

But Ella was missing something. She could feel it. She ran to her bedroom and grabbed the most important thing to her. Then she grabbed her bag, her tiny wiener dog Buster, and headed out for help.

Ella knew one more thing she had to do even though it was the law, Ella needed a quicker way to get around. Her grandpa had given her his old quad for her 11th birthday."This will be perfect for getting around in," she said to herself. There was a backseat on the back of her quad were she sat she backpack and her dog sat, all ready to ride.

Now she was set to go. Ella could tell Buster was ready. She gazed around her and sighed. Could this be it, the biggest choice in her life? She hesitated to leave. But she had to go, how else would she get help?

Ella drove. She drove all the way across town on the empty roads. It felt weird that there were no vehicles on the roads. She arrived at the police station, but it was empty.

It was already getting dark. She had only $70. She couldn't book in at a hotel. She didn't have enough money. Then a dark side of her that she has never seen came over. She got on her quad and started driving.

But where was she going? She was going to the bank. To borrow some money. In other words, she was going to rob it.

Like at the police station, no one was at the bank. "This should be easy," She said in a grinning voice. She put buster in her backpack and went for the door. As soon as she reached for the door handle, 4 police cars pulled up to the bank.

"Put your hands up!" Yelled the head officer. "Ok, alright you got me," Ella said. But she didn't put her hands up after she said that. Instead, she ran jumped on her quad and speed off.

Her heart was racing. But was it really? Yes, but from excitement. I know what your thinking, Does she have something to do with the missing people? What was she doing for that hour home alone? I've come to inform you, Ella. K is VERY involved in the missing people. Those police officers, there are after HER.

Ella woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. She had crashed at her grandmother's house since no one was home. Now, back to the ringing phone.

But as soon as she answered it the line went dead. but then, there was more noise. It was the sound of police cars heading her way. She grabbed her things and ran out the back door. She ran. And ran. She ran non-stop all the way back to her house, where an unexpected visitor awaited her.

"Hello, my name is Emilio Cordano. I think you need to come with me... if you want to be safe. And without even thinking, Ella got into a large white van, and she was away.

They drove her to an old building where she saw them. The police. No wonder no one was at the station, they were all out chasing the kidnappers!

Then, the doors of the van opened. "We've been expecting you," said Emilio. "I'm not afraid of you," She blurted. 'What do you need from me?" Ella asked. Emilio grinned and looked around at all the cops and his allies. Ella smiled too, just as she knew exactly what they needed.

They snuck inside. Her heart was racing but in an exciting and mischevious way. "This way," Emilio said, pointing right. They lead her to a small, dark room with flickering lights and dull walls, where she noticed a small handle in the wall.

"Is this where we are hiding?" Ella said in an annoyed tone. Emilio grinned. "No silly. We are not hiding," He pointed to the handle in the wall. Two men who had come with them slid the handle up to open into a large hallway that was much more modern and had advanced technology.

"This is an advanced U.S military base that we crashed last year. it's filled with billions of dollars of tech and money. Today, we are here to take it over. This is our base now," Emilio explained. "There they are, over there!" A cop yelled from the end of the hall. They started to run back to the old room but it was blocked with cops. They were trapped.

Ella was fumbling through her backpack. Where was it? She thought. She was stuck in the middle surrounded by her allies. Buster was curled up in a ball in her bag scared to death. "I'm sorry buddy." She started crying as she found the most important thing in her bag other than Buster.

"Get down on the ground and put your hands up," said the police officer. As her allies kneeled down, she stood up. They gasped waiting to see what would happen next. She had buster in her arm. "I think you should stand down she said. And the second most important thing she had brought in her bag was pointed at the cops.

Don't move she said. Everyone was shaken. And if you haven't figured it out already, I've had to inform you that the object in her hand, was in fact, a gun. To be continued...

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