The Party Power
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The Party Power

by govindarajanp

The powerful play the party game

With viciousness, cunning and debauchery

To further their own power, their own riches and goals

Find the alpha males strutting the hall

The Queen bees laying their golden eggs in the lounge

And the worker ants slaving to disappear from the scene

Know who hosts the party and who the power mongers are

Know who is there to hoist you or pull your pants down

If you are a power monger, party is the place to be

If you're the queen bee find the alpha male and fly with him

Else you are just a slave putting up a show of pretence

Never be a wannabe who shows up just to be present

Better to be a loser than to accept yourself as a pretender

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govindarajanpBronze CommaCommunity member
a year ago
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govindarajanpBronze CommaCommunity member
a year ago
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A few lines to see how pencil worked with idea and...

govindarajanpBronze CommaCommunity member
a year ago
Who are you honest with

a year agoReply
Thanks a lot. The innumerable parties that I had attended :-), Now I am very selective.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
Interesting...what inspired this?