~Fear-an ultimate reality~

~Fear-an ultimate reality~ fear stories

gossamerink a little momentum is all we need
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Fear of losing someone , either confessed or untold, Fear lasts...

~Fear-an ultimate reality~

Hidden beneath those deep skies

Are the promises that never lies

Holding hands beside me here

I've learn to overcome my 'unknown' fear

Silent and dead are the footprints that we've layed together

Deprived by the truth, we hoped it to remain forever

We laid here and talked for hours

At the park, around those flowers

But time transcended this all leaving you as a memory

And just like a precious thing, I've kept it in my treasury

But now, I unfolded my 'untold' fear,

Petrified of it the most, it was losing you my dear..

Ps:- I'm a newbie to this fam(actually 3 days old :-)) Support me if u liked my work! Thanks❤

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