Am a proud african
Am a proud african poetry-month-2021 stories

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A poem Am a proud african by a writer Tinasilia

By: Tinasilia

Am a proud african

by Tinasilia

Am a proud african am a proud african. Africans are bless with beautiful glittering skin pure natural beauty and many more. ..

on the shadow of african I have grown knowing my culture and tradition showcasing my talents and skill am a proud african. Africa is bless with good soil, crude oil and good food.

Many never want to leave africa not a day just like me am a proud african.

African beauty can not be compared to other continent beauty because we are black beauty and slay queen. Am a proud african.

We are bless with fresh water fresh food and many more. Even the first ruler in the world comes from Africa in Egypt.How africa is bless african remain bless am a proud african

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