These Are My Pets!
These Are My Pets! pets stories

goldenphoenix Death doesn't discriminate
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For @astralphoenix's pet contest!

These Are My Pets!

This is from when I dressed up my dog, Luna, for Halloween: (We were orginally going to call her Loki since the shelter said she was a boy, but after she got spayed, then that's when we found out she was a girl):

And these are just more pictures of her:

And this is my cat Nala: (When I first met her at the shelter, she slapped my glasses off my face...that pretty much sums up her personality):

That last picture was how Nala reacted when we first brought Luna home lol

And here is my other dog, Phoenix! (We named her that because her eyes turned red if the light hit it just right. Sadly, I don't have a picture of her eyes changing color, but this is her):

So those are my pets! Hope you guys found them as cute and fluffy as I did! - Artemis

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