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Q&A Answers!!!

Q&A Answers!!!

Hello everyone! Goldenflame here

People started asking me questions for the Q&A, so now I'm going to answer them!

If you have any questions that you want to ask after I post this, just ask in the comments and I'll answer them there

Question 1: @halojones asked: Favorite book series?

Answer: Um... I have multiple, so I'll name a few: Heroes of Olympus (and any other Rick Riordan book series) Wings of Fire Harry Potter Divergent Artemis Fowl and Alex Rider

Question 2: @halojones asked: Are you going to do an ask floor nineteen, or an ask the 21st nome style of thing like I am? I won’t be mad if you do.

Answer: I might, but I'm not sure because I still have to do school and stuff like that lol. But on my Ask the 7! Series, you can request for a specific character to make an appearance, and you can ask them a question then

Question 3: @halojones asked: What state do you live in now? In part 4 of your ask the 7, you hinted that you might’ve moved.

Answer: I still live in Texas! I must have misphrased that sentence because I've only lived in one other state besides Texas (California!) but then I moved back here. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for your questions! If you have any more things you'd like to know, about me, just comment your questions and I'll answer them! See y'all soon! Bye!!! - Goldenflame

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