More TLF Memes (Part 2)
More TLF Memes (Part 2) tlf stories

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I didn't expect that many people to ask for a part 2, but here you go!

More TLF Memes (Part 2)

*A/N yes, most of them are going to have Andy in them, but as the TLF fandom has stated before, Andy is a mood

Ramona: I'm not sure what this sentence means Andy: "Ignorance is bold and knowledge reserved." Ramona: You can read Latin?! Elliott: You can read?! Andy: Andy: That's cold, Starre.

Rowen: *is drowning* Art: I'd save her, but who am I to play God?

*looking at the stars* Art: It's so beautiful Andy: Woah... Andy: I just think.. Art: What? Andy: Nevermind, it's stupid Art: Tell me! Andy: No, it's stupid Art: Come on! I want to know what you were gonna say! Andy: Are you sure?

(continued) Art: I guarantee that nothing you could say on a night like this could be stupid. Andy: I just think that Kangaroos look like giant mice Art: Guarantee revoked.

Andy: Just leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!!! Charley:...what are you bidding on? Andy: I am bidding on a table.

*Andy in a horror movie* [Phone rings] Andy: What's up? Killer: I see you... Andy: Killer: Andy: Killer: Andy: Do I look good?

Charley: I have the sharpest memory! Name one time I forgot something Andy: You left me in a Walmart parking lot like, 3 weeks ago Charley: I did that on purpose, try again

*Andy being salty and jealous at the same time-* Avie: What is your problem? Andy: I don't know, but I'm sure it can be traced directly back to you

Rommie: HYDRATE OR DIE-DRATE! Rommie: *aggressively throws water bottles* Art: Uh... Elliott: She's trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us. Rommie: I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU Andy: *crying* It's working

Andy: I'm quick at math Charley: Okay, what's 36 times 76? Andy: 24 Charley: That's not even close Andy: But I was quick

*at Akani's home* Akani: Hello, people who do not live here Art: Hey. Rommie: Hi Charley: Hello Andy: Hey! Akani: I gave you the key only for emergencies. Andy: We ran out of Doritios

Andy: If you put 'violently' in front of anything to describe your action, it becomes funnier Rommie: Violently practises Art: Violently studies Avie: Violently sleeps Ramona: Violently shoots pictures Avie: Violently boxes Elliott: Violently murders people Akani: Violently worries about that previous statement

Elliott: Akani! Have you seen the thing? Akani: What thing? Elliott, running around and answering distractedly: You know, the thing! I seemed to have misplaced it and it's of great importance... Rommie bounces into the room: Hi Elliott! Elliott: Ah! There it is! Akani: ... Akani: You lost Rommie?

Andy: *laying on the floor, staring at pictures on the ceiling* Charley: What are you doing? Andy: I'm stargazing Charley: Those are pictures of you Andy: I know. The stars are beautiful tonight

Art: There's nothing worse than people using big words they don't understand just to seem smart. Andy: I photosynthesize with that.

Andy: Could you see us as more than friends? Art: YES, I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED! I can totally see us as dragons. Hang on. let me find the picture I drew Andy:

Part 3????

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