I'm Sorry.
I'm Sorry. @jinxedquill thank you. stories

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I'm sorry.

I'm Sorry.

I wanted to apologize for my 'I'll do a face reveal' post. I wasn't asking for likes at all, but some people perceived it that way. And a post from @jinxedquill brought me back to reality (if you're reading this then thank you by the way; I'm not being sarcastic, I promise)

I was wrong to say I'll do a face reveal if I got a certain number of likes. Commaful is a place where only poetry, stories, and art should be made, not a social media platform where we bribe other people so we'll show what we look like.

I know I annoyed most if not all of you with that post, and I'm very sorry for that. This is a place for creativity, and I abused my privilege of being on here. I am very sorry for being an annoying idiot and helping to turn Commaful into what most brilliant writers dread for this platform to become; a social media site filled with drama and people asking for likes/followers.

I understand if you don't accept my apology. And no, I'm not making this post to ask for pity or anything like that either. I just wanted to apologize for annoying writers that I look up to, and I wanted to thank @jinxedquill for making that post and making me realize what I did wrong. I'm sorry for disappointing you and the other brilliant writers out there.

This is sounding repetitive...I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time.

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