I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 8
I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 8 i will be there//hp fanfic stories

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I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 8

Previously on I Will Be There:

Previously on I Will Be There: "Do you have any idea on what this might be?" he asked Kelsey, running his fingers gently over the details made on the ancient fountain. Kelsey looked at the fountain for a long moment before...

Chapter 7 ~ Reflection of Longing

Kelsey looked at the fountain for a long moment before...

Kelsey looked at the fountain for a long moment before shaking her head and whispering, "No idea..."

She ran her hand over the top of the water before pulling in back to her chest quickly.

The water had severely burnt the tips of Kelsey's fingers, but she just shook it off.

"Don't touch it though," she said looking into the fountain before trailing off.

In the water, she saw the reflection of her mother and father. Kelsey whipped her head around to look behind her, her hair whipping out behind her, but no one was there except her and Artemis.

"Just don't touch the water, it burnt me," she said calmly, looking at Artemis.

Artemis looked at Kelsey in concern, completely forgetting the fountain.

He took her hand without warning and pointed his wand at her fingers.

He murmured a spell that his father once taught him and a gentle gold light flowed out from the tip of the wand.

A few moments later, Kelsey's hand looked perfectly fine, as if it had never been burnt.

There was a faint gold glow around her hand, but Artemis knew it wouldn't do any damage.

"Feel better?" he asked her.

"Yeah," Kelsey said, staring at her unburnt fingertips. "Brilliant," she whispered to herself.

She looked back into the fountain, hoping to see the reflection of her parents again, but all she saw was herself.

She looked back at Artemis. "Thanks, but did you see a weird reflection in the water?" Kelsey asked him frantically.

She needed to know she wasn't crazy. She didn't like not knowing if she was imagining something or not.

Artemis frowned. "I didn't really look at the water..."

He turned to get a look at it, and his eyes widened when he saw a beautiful young woman standing next to his father, smiling.

The image shifted quickly and transformed to Artemis holding hands with the silhouette of a person, but he didn't know who.

He blinked and saw that the water had turned back to normal. "What was that?" he murmured quietly to himself, feeling a pang of strange longing that wasn't there before.

"It was a reflection of what you want most in your life..." Kelsey responded in a monotone voice.

She swallowed, her mouth felt dry. Kelsey suddenly realised that she was parched, and she didn't know if it was the fountains doing or if she was actually thirsty.

"I saw it too," she added quietly, looking at the water. Which just intensified her need for liquid.

'It's like that mirror you found during 1st year,' Orion commented. 'The Mirror of Eirsed.'

Artemis nodded in agreement with his snake and looked at Kelsey, surprised. "You saw what I saw?" he asked before realizing she was looking at the water. "Are you ok?"

"I saw my parents," Kelsey said, continuing to gaze into the water, tears spilled from her eyes.

"My parents...are dead," she whispered.

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