I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 7
I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 7 i will be there//hp fanfic stories

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I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 7

Previously on I Will Be There:

Previously on I Will Be There: Kelsey nodded slowly and did as she was told, grabbing Artemis's hand and slipping out of the castle when no one noticed, leading him to the Forbidden Forest.

Chapter 6 ~ The Fountain

Kelsey ran, leading Artemis by the hand and letting go when they got to the edge of the forest.

She looked up at the luminous sky, its stars glowing brightly and lighting up the clouds.

Barnaby had begun hooting quietly in Kelsey's ear, but she ignored it.

"You ready?" she asked the taller boy, whose eyes lit up in the moonlight.

Artemis stared at the stars in awe.

'If you keep running then I'm gonna puke,' Orion said miserably.

'Oh shut up you old lizard,' Artemis said to his snake in parseltongue.

"Ready for what?" he asked Kelsey, confused.

"The Forbidden Forest, duh-" she whispered quietly. "Students aren't allowed in the forest because it's off-limits and dangerous," she said smiling widely.

"I can't wait to see what kind of creatures we discover," she added excitedly as Barnaby hooted quietly.

'Oh gods, she has the recklessness of a Gryffindor, the excitement of a Hufflepuff, the smarts of a Ravenclaw since she's here after hours, AND she has a very Slytherin aura around her that I absolutely love,' Orion said.

Artemis rolled his eyes at his snake but nodded at Kelsey, his eyes full of determination and excitement.

"Let's go then," he grinned, walking towards the forest with his wand out.

Kelsey pulled her wand out from where it was tucked behind her ear and smiled, leading them into the forest, her wand glowing as she whispered, "Lumos."

She walked forward, stopping every once in a while to check her surroundings, then continued.

She stopped when she got to an ancient-looking fountain, the water pouting from it glowed a disturbingly unnatural shade of blue.

The water seemed to quite literally sparkle as well. Kelsey lowered her wand and walked up to it.

"Woahhhh," she said in awe, sitting on the edge of the fountain and looking at the details carved into the cement.

"Fascinating," Artemis murmured, looking at the seemingly magical water.

"Do you have any idea on what this might be?" he asked Kelsey, running his fingers gently over the details made on the ancient fountain.

Kelsey looked at the fountain for a long moment before...

If you're reading this then type Imperio in the comments (I want to see how many people will actually read it to the end) And yes, I had to leave you on a cliffhanger, but things will start to get more interesting from this point on :) ------------------->

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And speaking of Kelsey (@mere_hufflepuff) go follow her! She's awesome, and half of this fanfic wouldn't have been possible without her ------------------------->

Chapter 7 (Part 8) will be out soon, so be on the lookout for that! See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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