I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 3
I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 3 harry potter stories

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I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 3

Previously on I Will Be There:

Previously on I Will Be There: Orion gave him a smug look, but Artemis ignored him and turned back to Kelsey. "Awesome!" he said, his smile growing wider.

Chapter 2 ~ A Little Mistake

Kelsey smiled in response as the train stopped.

"Welp, guess it's time to pursue my 5th year of this place and the idiotic fullbloods it holds," Kelsey mumbled standing up and grabbing her suitcase.

"We could sit together at the feast, I mean technically there's no rule against sitting with other houses," she suggested as Barnaby flew to her and perched himself on top of her head.

Artemis chuckled. "Yeah, we can definitely sit together! Do you want to sit at the Slytherin table? We've had Hufflepuffs sit with us before and it's no big deal."

Orion slithered back to Artemis and wrapped himself around the young teen's neck so he looked like a festive scarf.

"Sure!" Kelsey said happily, "Maybe after that, we can go exploring in the woods. I like exploring the woods and looking at the unusual plants."

Kelsey's face turned sirius (A/N, I'm sorry, I had to use that pun-). "Wait...how did you know- that I'm a Hufflepuff?" Kelsey asked suspiciously.

Artemis coughed awkwardly. "I, um, well...you act like one so I just assumed you were a Hufflepuff," he mumbled, ashamed at the fact that he was being stereotypical and immediately thinking she was a Hufflepuff without asking her.

"Oh! Okay!" she said, smiling. "I was just wondering if it was really that obvious," Kelsey said as she made her way off the train, walking beside Artemis and matching his speed.

"So, why weren't you sitting with your friends?" she asked the taller boy. "Or are you a cool, mysterious Slytherin that doesn't need anyone and looks off into the distance every 5 seconds?"

'He has friends, but they were all sitting with his crush, and he was inventing a new shade of red on his face, so he left,' Orion said casually.

"Shut up!" Artemis said to his snake, forgetting to speak in parseltongue as his face flushed red in embarrassment.

He sighed before saying to Kelsey, "I just needed a break from them. Slytherins can be jerks sometimes, even to people in their own house," he chuckled.

Kelsey looked startled, as he had just told her to shut up. "Yeah okay..." she said quietly, looking at the ground and walking ahead.

'Wow, you screwed up,' Orion commented.

'Shut up Orion!' Artemis hissed before running after her.

"Kelsey, wait! I was talking to Orion, I swear! I would never tell you to shut up. I only say that to my snake," Artemis said.

'Wow, I feel so loved,' Orion said in a monotone voice.

Kelsey stared at him. "I'm not mad, I'm just walking fast cause I'm REALLY hungry," she said calmly. She smiled softly.

"But I must admit, having a friend whos a parselmouth is gonna take some getting used to I haven't had to deal with it since I was 10" she stated smiling at the taller boy.

"Oh ok," Artemis said in relief. The two of them reached the gates of the school and Artemis saw...

You're gonna have to wait until chapter 3 to find out what Artie saw, but if you're reading this then type Lumos in the comments (I want to see how many people will actually read it to the end). I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! ---------------------->

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I just wanted to be dramatic lol (I know you guys are going to be disappointed next chapter, but idk) ----------------------->

Also, go follow Kelsey aka @mere_hufflepuff! She's awesome, and half of this fanfic wouldn't have been possible without her ------------------------->

Chapter 3 will be out soon, but that's all for now! See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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