Golden Interviews! Part 1
Golden Interviews! Part 1 interviews stories

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I got inspired by @astralphoenix to start doing an interview series!

Golden Interviews! Part 1

Hello everyone! My name is Artemis, and I'm now hosting an interview series! The original idea came from @astralphoenix, but this seems to be the new trend on Commaful, so I'm doing it too!

Now, ladies and gentlemen (and fellow nonbinary friends), please give a warm welcome to the first-ever interviewee on my show, @new_name_pendin!


Welcome to my show! Can you please tell us your name and how old you are?

My name is Clara, and I am 17 years old! (18 on the 10th of January😊😊)

Happy early birthday! What inspires you to write your poems?

Thank you! Generally, I am inspired by my life experiences or the daily prompt. Music is a big part of my inspiration. And of course, the people I know and meet.

That's cool! How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

uhhhhhhhh, ummmmmm, wait, no, ugh.

That's probably how I would describe myself too lol. Things that make you happy?

Commaful😂. I'd also say my friends online, and the people I know irl. Also, I love raising chickens (weird, I know. ) and music. There's more, but I think these are the biggest.

Raising chickens sounds interesting! Do you still eat them, or are they just pets?

We raise them for eggs, but I have a couple of meat-bird chicks I'm raising right now. I've never killed one of them, but I know I will. Not sure how I'll feel about that. I just love them a lot. I'm thinking of getting a pet bird someday, like a parrot!

Parrots are awesome! What is your dream job?

Dream job would be a songwriter, producer, and DJ. My REALISTIC dream job would be marketing or accounting. or maybe teaching.

Those dream jobs sound really realistic! I hope you can become one of them. And here's the final questions: What do you like the most about Commaful, and do you have any advice for the newbies on here?

I think my favorite thing is how diverse it is. You can post memes back to back with a Song about depression and no one bats an eye. you can be free around here. And everyone is so nice.

My advice for the newbies would be to give people feedback if you like something, Don't be afraid to like or shoutout things. And just have fun.

Everyone likes different things, so you'll have someone who likes your stuff no matter what you do. The best thing on this site is the community, so reach out if you want a proofreader, talk to people if you want a friend. Just be kind, and have fun.

That is some incredibly good advice! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

Of course! It was great to be interviewed. Thank you for the opportunity.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview! If any of you fellow viewers want to be interviewed, then just send me a private message! I'll respond in under 24 hours. But that's all for now! See you guys next time, and stay tuned for the next Golden Interview! - Artemis

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