Epic Rap Battles of Commaful Sign Up!
Epic Rap Battles of Commaful Sign Up! commaful stories

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Are you competitive? Do you like to rhyme? Then come join this!

Epic Rap Battles of Commaful Sign Up!

Hello everyone, it's me, Artemis! So I was talking to @elleseng, @bookishtween13, and @inkdragon, and we decided to make a Commaful Rap Battle competition!

So here's how this is going to work: We'll pair two people together, and the Designer (@elleseng) will send both of you the prompt and the due date of your part of the rap (you will send it to her through DMs). Then, the Coordinator (@bookishtween13) will post who's battling who, and at what time it'll be posted.

Once that's all settled, @inkdragon or I will post/shoutout both contestants' rap, and then you readers can decide who won! Once the winner is decided, then that person will move up in our rankings. The last two people remaining will go against each other, the people will vote, and the winner will get a shout out of a post of their choosing, a poem dedicated to them, and a cool title

If you wish to be in this, then just DM me or say so in the comments below! I or someone else on the ERBOC (Epic Rap Battles of Commaful) Team will post who's going to be battling against who. Remember, this is only round one, so if you don't get chosen this time, you'll definitely be chosen for round 2! We'll only pick 24 people to compete for this round, so sign up quickly before it's too late!

If any of you have any questions, then just DM me or @elleseng. Can't wait to see who will participate! May the best rapper/poet win! ~ Artemis

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