Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus percy jackson stories

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Ask the 7 (or any character) any questions you want! Hope you enjoy!!!

Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus

Goldenflame: Hello humans (and other creatures) of the internet! I'm Goldenflame and this is basically going to be a Q&A with our favorite Heroes of Olympus! (and Nico)

Nico: Thanks. I feel so loved.

Goldenflame: That was my intention, but anyway I kind of stole this idea (sorry) from @halofones06 and I highly recommend you check out their profile and follow them.

If you readers have questions of your own to ask the demigods, feel free to drop them down below in the comments! (I might make this as a series if anyone wants me too) But first, some introductions:

Leo: 'Sup!I'm the Super Sized McShizzle Bad Boy Supreme!... or you can just call me Leo, that's cool too

Annabeth: Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.

Jason: Hello, I'm Jason Grace, son of Zeus/Jupiter.

Frank: I'm Frank Zhang, son of Mars-

Leo: You guys are so b o r i n g, start saying your names as cool as I said mine so we can start answering the questions!

Hazel: ...I'm Hazel.

Piper: I'm Piper.

Percy: I'm Percy.

Nico: And I'm-

Leo: Honestly, it's like they never listen to me

Nico: -You're worst nightmare.


Leo:... Leo: Well, at least you tried

Goldenflame: Right, now on to the questions!!! *cue onimous music*

Frank: I kind of regret signing up for this...

Goldenflame: You never had a choice in this in the first place. But anyways, first question: Do you know Rick Riordan?

Hazel: Who's that?

Percy:... Should we tell them Annabeth?

Annabeth: *grim look on her face* I think it's time.

Jason: Tell us what?

Annabeth: Rick Riordan is our... author

Piper: Wait, so does that make us...

Percy: Fictional characters...

Frank: WHAT! NO!

Leo: But I feel so REAL!

Hazel: I can't believe it...

Percy: HAHA! Just kidding

Annabeth: Rick Riordan is just the God of Trolls

Goldenflame: *casually dying in a corner from laughter* Right, ok next question: If you could rename the Argo II, what would you change it to?

Leo: "Supreme Warship of Awesomeness"

Annabeth: Maybe "I Couldn't Think of a Good Name."

Frank: I would rename it to "Frank"


Frank: Shut up, Valdez.

Piper: I wouldn't change it. I like the Argo II

Hazel: Same as Piper. The Argo II has a nice ring to it

Percy: I would change it

Leo: Oh yeah? What would you change it to? "Neptune's Favorite Son?" Nothing tops my new name for it

Percy: First, it's Poseidon. Second, mine blows yours out of the water

Leo: Really? Try me

Percy: Titanic.


Goldenflame: XD I regret nothing about this. Unfortunately, that's all I'm gonna do for now, but if you enjoyed hearing everyone answer the questions-

Nico: Don't mind me, it's not like I've just been standing here this entire time.

Goldenflame: Nicooooo I'm so sorry, please forgive me you're my favorite

Leo: Hey, I thought you said I was your favorite!

Goldenflame: Well, yeah, you are

Hazel: I thought I was the favorite...?

Goldenflame: YOU'RE ALL MY FAVORITES I LOVE YOU ALL But seriously, if you readers have any questions for the 7 (or anyone in general), just share them in the comments! You can ask anyone any question, it doesn't have to be for all of them! (I feel really bad for not including Nico, I'll ask him a few questions next time)

Goldenflame: Anyways, see y'all soon! Everyone: Bye!!!

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