Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 7
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We loved answering these questions @halojones06!

Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 7

Leo: Alright peasants, listen up! We have more questions from @halojones06, and it's our job to answer them!

Hazel:...where's Goldenflame?

Leo: That's not important. I saw the questions first, therefore I get to host this Ask the 7! episode, now the first question is: Which is better, Team Leo or Team Leo?

Carter: I don't think that's a real question...

Leo: Were you the one who saw these questions? No, no you were not. And we all know the answer to that one, so let's move on to number 2: Who does Goldenflame have a crush o-


Leo: For some strange reason, I don't really feel like doing that...


Leo: *looking at his invisible watch* O-oh, will you look at the time! I didn't realize it was so late, I-I need to go... *runs*

Goldenflame: Nico?

Nico: Yeah?

Goldenflame: Can you send a hoard of angry skeletons at him? It'd make me feel better

Nico: That's the best question you've asked me all-day

*High pitched screeching of horror can be heard from the distance. No, it's not a little girl doing the screeching. That screeching would belong to our beloved Repair Boy who thought it would be funny to replace the water in my shower with ice-cold red-dyed water that looked like blood and didn't think about how I would react after that.

Now, let's get back to the questions...*

Goldenflame: Okay, so the REAL first question is: Question for everyone: if @goldenflame were to do a series where you guys do stuff that people request, would you do it?

Magnus: It would depend on the stuff, but sure, I'd be up for it

Sadie: So would we

Percy: Yeah, I think that'd be pretty cool for all of us to do

Goldenflame: Cool! So the next question is: Question for everyone: got any jokes? Lol, I’m bored. (Hazel, just so you know, lol stands for ‘laugh-out-loud.’ It’s for when you laugh at something on the internet, and you want to tell other people that you laughed.)

Hazel: Oh, thanks for letting me know what that means @halojones! You're such a gem!


Percy:...did you just make a pun?

Hazel: I can't help it if these puns are pure gold

Percy: Boy, there's something... fishy going on with these jokes

Annabeth: Indeed. It would probably be...wise... to avoid any trouble.

Nico: No, stop this right now.

Jason: My, what a.... shocking... development

Nico: Zhang, make them stop, please

Frank: Alright guys you heard Nico, just let me be... Frank... with you

Nico: You're all idiots

Piper: I don't know, I find these puns quite...

Nico: Don't you dare!


Nico: You're all dead to me.

Goldenflame: *laughing so much that it hurts* Alright guys, let's go to the next question... Oh! I almost forgot! Chiron will be joining us!

Magnus, Carter, and Sadie: Who?

Chiron: Hello everyone!

Magnus: Oh my gods you guys have a talking horse

Chiron:...I'm a centaur, actually

Carter: I feel really short compared to him... I don't like this

Sadie: Oh suck it up, brother. Now you know how I feel everyday!

Goldenflame: That's a mood Sadie, but anyway, here's the question: To: all demigods, plus Chiron: favorite god/goddess?

Frank: Apollo

Percy: Poseidon

Hazel: Hecate

Annabeth: Athena

Jason: Zeus

Magnus: Frey

Nico: I don't really have a favorite

Piper: I don't really have a favorite as well, so... Aphrodite maybe?

Carter: I would have to say Horus is my favorite

Sadie: Anubis is the best god, no one can change my mind

Carter: That's because he's your boyfriend!

Frank: You're... you're dating a god?

Sadie: Yes I am, do you have a problem with that?

Frank: Not at all

Sadie: Good.

Chiron: I haven't really thought much about this, but I suppose Apollo or Posidon are my favorite. Maybe Artemis too

Goldenflame: Ok, so let's go to the next question: Question for everyone, including Chiron and racheal: who’s the weakest demigod when it comes to powers?

Annabeth: Oh, Rachael's here too?

Rachael: Yep. Goldenflame, did you scare off Leo again?

Goldenflame: In my defense, he provoked me

Rachael: Fair enough

Chiron: This question is a bit difficult... I don't consider any demigod that I've trained weak. They all have their own unique powers, so I would say that none of them are weak

Carter: I don't consider any of the magicians of the 21st Nome to be weak either

Magnus: And the einherjar at Hotel Valhalla are obviously not weak. So I guess... no demigods or magicians are weak

Goldenflame: Well that's always good to hear! Here's the next question:

Question for everyone, as in, people from PJO/HoO (percy jackson and the olympians/heroes of olympus, as in, the greeks and romans) mc (magnus chase, the Norse) and kc (Kane chronicles, the Egyptians): who has the worst luck out of demigods, einjhar, and the magicians, all put together?

Annabeth: Percy

Frank: Percy

Chiron: Percy

Magnus: Probably Percy

Sadie: From what I've heard, then most likely Percy

Hazel: Percy

Everyone else: Percy

Percy: Me

Goldenflame: Yeah, I'd have to say Percy too. This next question is specifically for Chiron! To: Chiron: favorite demigod? Least favorite demigod?

Chiron: Asking a teacher who his favorite student is is like naming the difference between cupcakes and muffins. It's hard.

Coach: Did someone say cupcakes?

Chiron: But if I had to choose my favorite, it would be a tie between Percy and Annabeth

Annabeth: aww, thanks Chiron

Chiron: And just like how I don't belive that demigods are weak, I also believe that there is no such thing as a least favorite demigod.

Goldenflame: I wish my teachers had the same mentality... but anyway, here's the last question from @halojones06! To: the original demigods (as in, the ones from the first great prophecy): do the others know about... Luke?

Percy: I...don't belive so?

Piper: Some of the older campers mention his name, but I don't really know much about him

The Egyptians and the other Greeks: Who

Magnus: I think I remember Annabeth talking a bit about him... didn't he sacrifice himself to save the world or something?

*We now interrupt this program with a slide from me because Annabeth, Chiron, and Percy are currently explaining who Luke was. For those who are wondering where Leo is, I think he survived the skeletons, but I'm going to have with him later about that little Halloween trick he tried to do. He might be back in the next Ask the 7! episode

Ok, I think they all know who Luke is now. Let's get back to the questions!*

Magnus: Alright... I think our emo/remembering moment is over. Were there any other questions?

Goldenflame: @powderii said that they wanted to ask something, but since they didn't comment their question before this was published, then I will answer their question in Part 8!

Goldenflame: So thank you once again @halojones06 for all of your questions! If anyone else wants to ask questions, feel free to do so! And I promise that Leo will be back soon for those of you who enjoy his commentary (like me!). And as always, we'll see you soon. Bye!!!

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