Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 2
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 2 heroes+of+olympus stories

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Part 2 is out!!! Hope you guys like it! :) Feel free to ask us questions!!

Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 2

Hey guys! It's me Goldeflame again

Since people seemed to like the last "Ask the 7!" thing that I did, I decided to do another one! (If you haven't already, go check out Part 1!)

Sadly, no one asked a question, so I came up with a few more of my own! That actually includes Nico this time!!!

(Seriously guys, if you have questions you want to ask them [or me, idk] then please do!)

Nico: Why do I have a feeling that I'll just be ignored again?

Goldeflame: Y o u w i l l n o t b e i g n o r e d I p r o m i s e


Leo: You won't forget me though, right? I'm the most important one out of all of us!

Percy: I beg your pardon-

Leo: Then beg.


Hazel: ANYWAY let's just forget that happened, and let's hear the questions!

Goldenflame: Alrighty then! Here's the first question: Scariest moment of your life?

Annabeth: I think the grammatically correct way to phrase that is "What was the scariest moment of your life?" But I would have to say when Percy disappeared

Percy: When Annabeth was falling into Tartarus and thought I wouldn't catch her in time

Leo: I freaked out when my hands lit on fire for the first time

Hazel: Dying.

Frank: Most of my life...

Piper: When I fell into the Grand Canyon

Jason: The battle to free Hera

Nico: Summoning the dead for the first time

Percy: Mortals scariest moments are like: "I got the wrong coffee at Starbucks"

Leo: Or "We ran out of toilet paper"

Goldenflame: ...That one is because mortals are in a pandemic Leo...

Leo: Oh yeah, my bad. Sorry readers!

Annabeth: There's also "not enough books".... wait, I relate to that

Leo: Those are fangirls, not mortals. Fangirls are scary

Goldenflame: Yes, they can be, but let's go to question two! Who are your least favorite gods/goddesses?

Percy: *sighs* yet another dangerous question. Why can't you people ask questions like "Who's the best My Little Pony?"

Leo: Yeah, it's obviously Pinkie Pie though it would be a boring round of answers

Jason: Who the Hades named YOU Captain of My Little Pony characters? It's definitely Applejack

Leo: Don't be stupid dude. Pinkie Pie eats Applejack for breakfast... I just realized how ironic that was

Hazel: Why is it ironic?

Frank: Applejacks are a breakfast cereal. Also, I'd like to add FLUTTERSHY FOR THE WIN!

Percy: Did I sound this stupid when arguing over the best Scooby-Doo characters with the Hermes cabin?

Annabeth: Worse.

Percy: Ouch

Jason: How can Frank keep a straight face and say "FLUTTERSHY FOR THE WIN!"?

Annabeth: Guys seriously, we're taking too long so just answer the question and then argue

Leo: Tia aka Hera

Jason: Juno

Percy: Hera definitely

Frank: Dam peer pressure. Okay Juno

Annabeth: Hera

Hazel: Juno

Piper: Hera

Nico: Hera. Twilight Sparkle is the best My Little Pony

Jason: Now you're just being unreasonable!



Goldenflame: Alright guys, calm down.... ..... but let's be real here, Luna is the best My Little Pony

*Demonic screeching from Jason, Leo, Frank, and Nico. This might take a while...*

Goldenflame: Okay, so now that the boys are calmed down, we can move on to our last question for Part 2! What would you do if Annabeth and Reyna got into a fight?

Nico: Nope, I'm staying out of this one.

Percy: Help Annabeth

Jason: Help Reyna

Piper: Why would you help her?!

Hazel: I would try to break it up

Frank: Why would they be fighting in the first place?

Annabeth: I agree with Frank, I'm sure we won't be fighting

Reyna: What if I told you Percy was cheating on you with me? (Goldenflame: I don't remember inviting her to this one...)


Percy: Calm down, Annie, she just made it up

Jason: You sure? Reyna seemed pretty convincing...

Piper, Percy, Annabeth, Reyna: Jason!

Leo: Someone pass me the popcorn, this is getting to the good part

Goldenflame: *gives Leo some of my popcorn* Sadly, for you readers, our time is up for this one, but I can always make a part 3 (and more) if someone asks! Also, if you have any questions for the Heroes, (or me if you're curious) then just put them in the comments below! And as always, we'll see you soon! Bye!!!

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