Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 14
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 14 heroes+of+olympus stories

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Thank you @halojones06, @bookishtween13, and @_queenie_ for your questions!

Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 14

Goldenflame: Hello everyone!!! I'm here, I'm queer, and back with more questions! Since we had so many questions last time, we had to cut Part 13 in half, and in this episode, we'll be answering those questions and any others that might be asked!

Jason: Great! What're the questions?

Goldenflame: @halojones06 asked: Question for the demigods: how does it feel when your godly parent does something epically stupid?

Annabeth: I think I speak for all demigods when I say that we cringe. A lot. Or we die, since when the gods do something stupid then it usually ends up with us demigods getting killed

Goldenflame: That is very true. Thalia! You have a question!

Thalia: I do?

Goldenflame: @_queenie_ asks: Ummm- Question for Thalia: Will you give up the hunt for Reyna?



Thalia: I'm not dating Reyna (yet) but...maybe, I haven't really thought that through

Goldenflame: Theyna is a great ship :) Here's the next question!: Question for Percy: When are you going to propose to Annabeth? I need answers.... Now QwQ

Percy: Well... I was planning on doing it soon, but I'm not going to say when or how since I don't want to spoil the surprise

Nico: You can't throw an apple at her. That's my proposal idea

Percy: I'm not going to throw an apple at her, I was planning on doing something else

Nico: Ok, good.

Goldenflame: I'm sure the proposal will be awesome :) Leo, this one's for you!: Question for Leo: Do you love Calyspo or— your dating Goldenflame now?

Leo: Calypso and I broke up, because apparently she was dating some other guy behind my back... and yeah, now I'm dating Goldenflame and I have no regrets

Frank: Nico was right, seeing Leo being sappy is really weird...

Goldenflame: Well I find it really cute <3 Question for piper: Jason’s biggest Flaw

Piper: I think Jason's biggest flaw is his temptation to deliberate. He doesn't really choose what he wants, and he's always really careful with the decisions he makes

Jason:...that seemed really thought out and deep

Piper: That's because it was.

Goldenflame: Deep thoughts are the best thoughts. Question for Annabeth: What do you love and Hate about Percy?

Annabeth: I love how sweet, kind, and loyal he can be, but I hate the fact that sometimes he can be a bit too loyal, which ends up with him in a deadly situation

Goldenflame: That seems fair. Question For Hazel: What animal would you describe frank?

Hazel: A bear.

Frank: Why a bear?

Hazel: Because bears are fierce and protective, but also really cuddly. So you're a bear

Frank: Works for me :)

Goldenflame: Frazel bonding moment there :3 Question for Frank: Do you hate Leo-

Frank: Not as much as I did before

Leo: Aw, thanks man. I don't hate you as much either

Goldenflame: Glad that you both don't hate each other as much as you used to. Jason, I want to know how you'll answer this question: Question for Jason: Will you marry a brick


Piper: Because we think that it's cute

Jason: W-what? Pipes, you're my girlfriend! Why would you ship me with an inanimate object???

Nico: Jason we all know about the brick that you hide in your bed that you sleep with at night.

Jason: Did you seriously search through my room just to find my brick???


Jason: Um, I mean... w-what brick? I don't own a stupid brick...

Hazel: I ship it

Leo: It's a love triangle now - Jason, Piper, and the Brick

Jason: Valdez, shut up!

Goldenflame: Brason is real! I knew it! Oh, Coach Hedge, you have a question too

Coach: Why should I answer a question from some ignorant mortal-

Goldenflame: Question for Coach Hedge: How’s your son?


Coach: Chuck's doing good. He's grown a bit too.

Frank: Coach, are you actually sounding friendly?

Coach: Watch your attitude Zhang! The cupcake that asked the question was nice! You can learn a thing or two from them

Goldenflame: We're not done with questions yet! @halojones06 also asked: who’s more powerful, percy, or all the olympians? My votes on percy, he’s scary strong. He beat ares, when he was 12, with no training.

Chiron: As much as I agree with that logic, remember that Percy is still a mortal. Against all of the Olympians at once, he would die. He is strong, but not necessarily strong enough to defeat all of the gods.

Goldenflame: Chiron speaks words of wisdom and logic yet again! Oh, Leo, @bookishtween13 wanted me to post this: *on next page*

AYYYY IMMA PLAN THE BEST WEDDING EVER!!! And I won't even let Hera TOUCH my planning clipboard, or Athena, Or Aphrodite (Hera would just ruin it [like how she ruins everything], Athena would make it all technical and Aphrodite would just....*shudders* I don't wanna talk about it....

Leo: Bold of you to assume that we would invite the gods to our wedding.

Goldenflame: *still excited over the fact that Leo wants a wedding* While we're on this topic, she also has a few more questions-

Nico: Wait, is @bookishtween13 a demigod too?

Goldenflame: Yes, she's a daughter of Hades

Nico:...I have another sister?

Goldenflame: Yes

Nico: Why didn't you mention this before??? Now I actually want to talk to her

Leo: Nico di Angelo wanting to socialize? That's unheard of

Nico: Shut up Valdez, I only talk to/care about my siblings (and Will) and since she's my sister, then I care about her now

Goldenflame: I'm sure @bookishtween13 would love to hear that Nico :) So one of the questions was: Leo: would you like orange flowers in the reception?

Leo: I preferably would want red flowers, but a few orange ones would work too I guess

Goldenflame: If we're gonna have red and orange flowers, might as well just add yellow/gold to that too. And apparently I got a question!: Goldenflame: what color scheme should the reception be?

Goldenflame: Um...maybe sunset/night colors? I suck at color themes to be honest. You and Leo can talk about that, I just want to pick where it is, the flavor of the cake, things like that. Oh, and the music. Especially the music. As a child of Apollo I must pick out the music.


Goldenflame: You never asked. And speaking of my dear brother, Will! Here's your question: Will: Who would you want to plan your wedding with Nico? Oh and have you taken him to an ice-cream parlor yet?

Will: Yes, I have taken Neeks to an ice-cream parlor. It would have been a better experience if Goldenflame and the others weren't watching us through the window... But as for a person to help plan our wedding, I'd say Piper or Annabeth

Piper and Annabeth: YES!

Goldenflame: Nico: Who would you want to plan your wedding with Will?

Nico: Probably Goldenflame, Hazel, and you too @bookishtween13. At least you seem dedicated to make a wedding

Leo: Nicooo

Nico: What.

Leo: Can I be a flower girl at your wedding?

Nico: No.

Leo: Pleaseeee? *puppy dog eyes* I'll be the best flower girl you've ever seen, just please let me do it!!!!



Goldenflame: *laughing* Leo, you need to stop being too adorable during these things. They distract me from the questions. Piper! Piper: What's your favorite part of being Aphrodite's daughter?

Piper: Knowing when two people are meant to be in love. I also have an excuse to ship everyone and to set them up on a date

Goldenflame: Fangirls are descendants of Aphrodite then. Jason: what's your favorite power? (not just yours, I mean like out of all the powers that everyone you know have)

Jason: I think being able to control water and the dead are pretty cool powers, so those two would be considered my favorite powers. Oh, and turning into animals, like Frank can

Goldenflame: Speaking of Frank, Frank: Favorite book? (I mean you're not dyslexic right?)

Frank: No, I'm not dyslexic. My favorite book is actually one of my mom's favorites, but it's "The Art of War" by Sun

Goldenflame: That sounds like an interesting book! Hazel: Favorite color?

Hazel: My favorite color is gold. No, it's not a pun based on my powers, I've just always found it to be a very pretty color

Goldenflame: If you couldn't tell by my 'name', then gold is one of my favorite colors too! Last question!!! Annabeth, Percy, and Thalia: How would you feel if (and I mean IF) Luke came back to life? (this is a hypothetical question okay don't kill me)

Thalia: I'd hug him at first, but after that, I would beat the Hades out of him for what he did.

Annabeth: I would join Thalia in that

Percy: I...honestly don't know how I would react to that if Luke came back. I kind of hope that he doesn't...

Goldenflame: And that concludes Part 14!!! If you guys have any more questions, just drop them in the comments below! I'm also going to post Part 2 of Truth or Truth in the future, so be on the lookout for that! And as always, we'll see you guys soon. Bye!!!

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