Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 11
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 11 heroes+of+olympus stories

goldenphoenix Death doesn't discriminate
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Thank you @wilddreamer for your questions!!!

Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 11

Goldenflame: We have more questions for the Ask the 7! series!!!

Frank: Cool! From who?

Goldenflame: These two questions are from another awesome Commafulian (is that a word? Oh well, I guess now it is) named @wilddreamer

Jason: Sweet! What are the questions?

Goldenflame: This is the first question: Also....question for the 7! So....who's dating who?

Frank: I'm dating Hazel (Frazel)

Piper: I'm dating Jason (Jasper)

Nico: I'm dating Will, so back off. He's mine. (Solangelo)

Percy: I'm dating Annabeth (The ship is commonly known as Percabeth, but I, Goldenflame, like to call them Seaweed Brain)

Leo: And I was dating Calypso until she broke up with me (Mwahaha I made this like an alternative AU thing since in the actual series then Leo and Calypso are still dating. But not in my series :D [I'm sorry if any of you Caleo fans hate me, I just don't really like that ship for some reason])

Goldenflame: Those are the ships of the 7! I love this second question: Second question: Leo, do you have no self-control? It seems like you barely know that word! XD

Leo: Self...control? I'm sorry, but that word doesn't compute in my vocabulary.

Nico: Wait, you have a vocabulary?

Leo: Will! Your boyfriend's bullying me, make him stop!

Goldenflame: Will's not here today, he had a couple of patients at the Camp Half-Blood infirmary to take care of

Nico: You have no one to save you, Valdez. You must suffer alone.

Goldenflame: Not under my watch he doesn't! So this now concludes episode 11 of Ask the 7! Thank you @wilddreamer for your awesome questions! Feel free to ask more if you have any! Also for any of our readers, go check out the new Truth or Truth series (there's more drama there)! And as always, we'll see you soon. Bye!!!

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