Teacher Quotes That Are Actually Funny
Teacher Quotes That Are Actually Funny quotes stories

goldenphoenix I'll try to be back soon, I promise
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Funny things that my teachers have actually said! (Mainly my theatre teacher, but they're still pretty funny)

Teacher Quotes That Are Actually Funny

This quote is from my Choir teacher-

"Alright, I'm going to wake up you sad pathetic humans."

XD that's what she actually said to us one time. The rest of these quotes are from my Theatre teacher:

"This is not a democracy! This is a dictatorship, and I am in charge of all of you!"

"I kind of become a Nazi in 8th period, but I have to otherwise they'll go crazy."

"Minecraft villager dying noises... I'm gonna look this one up." *after hearing the villager die* "That was it?!"

"Turn the crickets off!"

"Clear is not a color. I mean, I guess it could be..."

If you guys enjoyed these quotes then I'll try to get my teacher(s) to say more stuff like this, but that's it for now! See you guys later! - Artemis

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