You're not alone
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Please don't be afraid to speak out. You're never alone.

You're not alone

You say her family is irrational and stupid. Nothing but drunk idiots, I believe the words were. Always having to get the last word in like a judge at trial. But who's on trial?

You? Me? You say you need help, my arms always there but I feel no touch. I can see you losing yourself and I can't help but to feel lost.

Not knowing where to turn, who to ask, who to tell and where to run. I try to guide, but thats all I can do is guide, never force.

If I could force or wish for you to get better, I would. Get that disease ripped out of your head like unwanted tic.

But the drink is too strong. It makes you forget about reality, life doesn't seem so bland and boring all of a sudden. For once you're happy, I'm happy, she's happy.

If it were only real. Nothing lasts forever and the come down is all but sweet. You were always a fighter but you can't fight this on your own.

I can't let this go on, I can't see this happen to someone before my eyes. I have to tell you.

" I think of you as a brother and her as a sister, so it's hard to see this happen. But I understand. Moving back in with your parents will get your mind straight and focused on whats really important. And thats you and your mental health. Everything you said about me is true, I get mad easy and I distance myself form everyone.

But don't think for a second you're the only one going through this. I stopped counting how long, years ago. So don't give up on yourself because you feel alone. I promise you, you're not alone. "

Mental Health is a serious topic and should be treated as so. If you have a loved one that is struggling mentally I encourage you to reach out to them. A little can go a long way!

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