Internal Love Affair
Internal Love Affair lettinggo stories

gmrutled 22 | new to poetry
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Been awhile, trying to come back to poetry.

Some may relate to this one, in more ways than one.

Internal Love Affair

In my heart I hate you In my mind I’m grateful, You’re two-faced and dishonest You shake my hand while stabbing me in the back,

Fuck you But thank you,

Without you I could never see the real me, Without you Life moves on without me, Without you I’m better off but I’m not me,

But in this moment I don’t know how to feel, I wanna hit you with a right hook But gently place you on the ground,

You’re evil But misunderstood, Your intentions are bad Yet your face is welcoming,

With you, I feel safe Though I know you’ll kill me,

For once I know I must let you go, Or rather You must let me,

We can’t do this anymore I don’t love you and you don’t want me, I’ve changed And I know you hate it,

Life moves on And we as people follow, You’ll always be part of me Though I hope to never see your face again,

Thanks for the memories As dark as they were, I hate you But I owe you my life,

Goodbye Old Friend.

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