Where Love Once Lived
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From the crack in the door, memories are glimpsed. Heartache dictates, the measure of grieving,

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Where Love Once Lived

The home a shell, where love once danced,

In beautiful motion, of synchronisation,

Where hearts sang in rhythm, of melodies harmonic,

Now voiced in silence, a ghostly husk,

Unslept beds, in hibernation,

though one remains warm, in suspended animation,

From the crack in the door, memories are glimpsed,

Heartache dictates, the measure of grieving,

From winter's eternal darkness, spring does not awaken,

The carpet now threadbare, searching for warmth,

Discontentment lays, an icy kiss,

The lonely presence, of love's abyss.

The tune now familiar, though the drum mis-timed,

The marching beat remains, unrefined,

Feet remain weary, tired & travelled,

Distance undefined, by the absence of time,

Answers yield questions, to questions unanswered,

Thinking in circles, cycles unwinding,

Reasons abundant, mis-aimed in reflection,

The soul now resides in selfless destruction,

Replacing where love once lived.

©️ Copyright Graham Marshall ©️ #poem only

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