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The message clear, for it is written,  that one day soon you will again be smitten...

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Eyes are Open

Eyes are Open

Eyes are open, mind is closed,

The mirror's face now a ghost,

The pilgrim's plight to let in light,

A passive notion you try to fight,

Endless walks to keep from sinking,

Only leads to overthinking,

Searching streets on which to feed,

You do not care where footsteps lead,

Empty faces to collect,

To no intent does life direct.

The day is long but the night is longer,

Feigning hope of getting stronger,

You greet the day just like the last,

Reasons haunt of distant past,

There is no gain to feeling sorry,

For yourself... the day dreams longer,

Warmth is knowing you'll soon be stronger,

Strength is more than instant comfort,

You do not fear a life uncertain,

For on yourself you will rely,

No longer will you need to carry,

A life onboard you did comply,

Strength is love,

& love is passion,

The reason regardless will lose its fashion,

To love yourself was the only message,

It was not owned or to be stolen,

To give without reciprocation,

Leaves you bare, without direction,

Stand up tall & face the wind.

Do not live as if sinned,

The message clear, for it is written,

That one day soon you will again be smitten.

©️ Copyright Graham Marshall ©️ image Graham Marshall

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