A Carousel Mind
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Self fulfilling prophecy...

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A Carousel Mind

A mind awaits, to be cleansed,

In dream repetition, of constant inquest,

The prophecy filled, in self mutilation,

For the mind has no bearing, on conscious existence,

A scene poorly written, a play lacking plot,

Devoid of an ending, until you awaken,

The morning resigned, to loathing's intention,

The verdict unchanged, brain guilty of treason,

A body forsaken, in mind's constant failure,

To forage for strength, the soul remains fragile,

Self isolation's, sanctuary questioned,

A solitary mind, attained mistrust,

Apathy breeds, forced discontentment,

Lethargy leads, to hostile resentment,

A daily unravelling, of meaning & purpose,

Serves to deflect, a progress imagined,

A cycle now worn, the path so familiar,

The reason to question, clouded in nature,

A carousel mind, in which to revolve,

The resolute contention, of lacking resolve.

©️ Copyright Graham Marshall ©️ #poem only

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