How to get rid of a crush. (pt 2)
How to get rid of a crush. (pt 2)  feminism stories

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Justin overreacs and Natalie stands up for what is right. Gabriel tries to stay out of it. But then, he meets someone else....What will happen?

How to get rid of a crush. (pt 2)

'Justin, hi!' Natalie says, blushing, trying her best to hide her ice cream behind her which, you know, is hard. 'I knew you were studying physics're lucky I even let you go, Nats. I was coming to bring you your favourite snacks but I guess you just used this time to flirt with Gabriel instead.' Justin said, his face angry.

'What did we even do wrong?' I butt in, and Justin's gaze moves to mine. 'I mean....maybe the fact that you're eating out with my girlfriend?' His nostrils flair, and his fists clench. 'My. Girlfriend. I'm supposed to be the one getting ice cream with her, laughing together in the park!' He groans.

'Dude, chill. We were hungry. We got ice cream. That's all!' Natalie bites her lip. She's nervous. 'Yeah but I also see you laughing with my girlfriend? Grinning at her like she's a present on Christmas day?' Justin goes dangerously close to my face, puffing his chest.

'Justi-' Natalie whispers, barely audible. 'Shut up!' He shouts, spitting into her face. She cowers behind me, whimpering. What did I say about him being so possessive? 'Woah man, don't speak to her like that!' I shout. Big mistake.

'Don't tell me what I can and can't do! She is mine! Mine! Not yours! Sometimes your jealousy is so puny, it makes me laugh. No wonder you can't get a girl.' Justin rages back at me. Natalie speaks up, enraged, 'Frickin Heck Justin! I am not YOURS! I am not a freaking object and I will not have you tell me to shut up!' Natalie cries, shoving his chest, her eyes flaring.

'The fact that I let you treat me like that...what does that say about me as a woman? Justin, I am not a belonging: I can have my own freedom too. And that involves talking to other friends who PERHAPS might be the opposite gender to me.' Justin huffs dramatically and turns his stone cold stare to me.

'Stay away from my girlfriend dude.' 'I neve-' 'Stay. Away.' I guess at this point in the movies I would punch him, but I don't have a death wish. I spin around on my heel and stalk out of the park.

I take the bus home, and throw my bag into a corner before flopping down onto my bed. Hey, at least she called me her friend. Progress, right? Justin's a good guy...mostly. Sorta. Just not when it comes to being a boyfriend. It may not seem like it, but he IS nice and very funny. I just need to take a break.

Natalie Sry about today Dw abt it No, Justin is... a jerk? No ahaha, I was going to say complicated

I turn off my phone. Of course she's standing up for him. The jerk. I'M the one saying the truth. Well, even if they do break up, which I'm pretty sure they won't, Justin will still bust my head in even if I said 'Hi' to Natalie. There's still the physics project though.

Ahhh Saturday tomorow. I get to go to the library, study for a bit and forget about this, frankly, stupid arguement. My dreams filled with images of Natalie and her joyous giggling.

'Just heading to the library mum! Cya later!' I shout from downstairs. 'Ok, be back by 3!' she shouts back, wiping her hands on her apron: she's making her classic roast (a day early) with dad. Nice. I head to the library, and pull out my geopraphy studies and my english essay. I pick a few books I need and start working.

'Nice.' I hear a voice from above me. It's a girl. A stunning girl. Probably one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever met. She has toffee coloured skin, black, silky hair that cascades down her back, and glowing brown eyes that make me want to melt. She smiles, showing off a pair of spotless white teeth. 'Wuthering heights. One of my favourites.'

'Oh I am just reading it for english.' I reply, dumbly. Her face falls a little, and she stands taller about to walk away. 'No! Wait, I love it to!' No way am I losing this chance. She smiles at my attempt in impressing her. Ahh, smart as well. 'Nah, I don't really mind whether you like it or not. Just wanted an excuse to talk to a cute boy.

Wait. No. What? No. Huh. What is happening? Since when have I been called cute? She straightens her glasses as I do with mine. We chuckle together. 'Well, you're that good .. yourself -f..'

She smirks at me, throwing her hair behind her. 'I think its "You're not too bad yourself?"' she replies, laughing. 'Yeah I'm not that good at that flirting thing.' I admit, scratching my neck. 'Well, you don't always have to speak to flirt.' She glances at me, looks away, and gives a sneaky grin. I feel like butterflies just exploded inside of me.

'Wanna give it a go?' She says, challenging me. I glance at her, look away then give my best half-smile. She gives a chuckle at my attempt. 'You'll get there. Good luck with your essay!' She starts to walk away. 'Wait! Stay..I-I could use some company...?' 'Jessica. But you can call me Jessy.'

Part 3 coming soon! I hope you enjoyed part 2 :)

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