Lethal loneliness
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gloria9 Community member
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I need to find true friends

Lethal loneliness

The kind of loneliness that could kill.

The type of feeling that makes you feel insecure about everything and hate yourself more

The feeling worthlessness and insignificance

The friends that you invested soo much time ,effort and showered them with love

But they aren’t there when you need them , You are never their priority

They don’t remember simple things like my birthday,never bother to remember what I love or hate.

I give them my all but get nothing in return . Feel like the outcast of the group.

What does a “friend” mean to you?

A friend is one that will acknowledge you for your successes,cry with you in bad times and rejoice in good times and go through thick and thin and still be by your side at the end of the day.

I do not have friends .

I have parasites many of them .

And they are leaching onto me sucking my blood dry

and dispose me when they do not need me anymore .

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