Midnight Chapstick
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One kiss is all I need...one kiss to know you love me.

Midnight Chapstick

One kiss is all I need...one kiss to know you love me.

My hands are quivering with fear as you lean in closer to speak. Your whispers are faint but somehow your words are the loudest, despite the sound of roaring engines passing by.

You seem calm tonight, at ease now that the rush of the day has ended, seated ever so comfortably beside me.

If only I could lay back and relax, no matter how uncomfortable the bonnet of this truck is, but I can't stop myself from shivering all over.

Every inch of my body is alive with fear, fear that I may make the wrong move, a move that will push you away.

You shift your body sideways into mine. I watch as your hands unfold from your side and shelter behind my back. With only inches apart our beating hearts could be one.

You ask me a question. I'm not sure what you said but I reply swiftly, dashing into a punch line which I Immediately regret, dreading the sound of my voice. But for some reason...you laugh.

Why are you laughing?

I'm not funny. I'm not pretty. I'm not anything you say I am. What do you see in me?

Your breath is ice cold, but somehow it's refreshing against the summer night sky. The smell of burning liquor burns on my lips and dries my throat, but I don't care.

The weight of your head on my shoulder is all I can sense.

What am i doing? Should I...lean in...touch...turn...do anything!

Frantically, I turn my gaze away from the city view and glance down towards your covered face. Your eyes are closed but you continue to mumble soft soothing words.

What should I say?

What should I do...kiss?

This is my moment...this is my time. If I don't act now, when will my forever begin? This feeling, it's more than a summer romance or a first glance...this is love....at least I think it is.

What would I know? This is my first time...

I inhale deeply. With the tip of my finger, I press softly under your chin and lift your face up gently. Your eyes light up as they gaze into mine. And for a moment....I forget everything.

Slowly I close my eyelids and lower my neck in the darkness, although I know exactly where I am heading.

I can sense you gathering the corners of your lips together, much like mine, although it's trembling in fear.

One kiss is all I need...one kiss to know you love me.

This feeling...I can't describe it. It's wondrous, no...it's sensational!

I feel...I feel....


Nothing at all.

When I open my eyes...only emptiness surrounds me, which reminds me that I am alone.

One kiss is all I need....however it seems one kiss is asking too much.

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