Stargazing  night stories
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glitterbug Passionate about poetry 💕
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Remember to reach for the stars, even if it seems impossible💜🌌
Every like makes me smile and just knowing someone reads my stories are so heartwarming because this is what I love to do so thank you :)


I lay on the grass

Listening to the crickets

In the late hours of the night

Looking up at the stars above

Twinkling their bright lights

Some shoot across the sky

Waiting to be wished upon


Others, part of a picture

I see all different possibilities

And a universe of unanswered questions

I don’t know much about astronomy

But I know there’s more out there

Knowing the unknown

Somehow gives me a sense of tranquility

Because we don’t know our path...

We don’t know where we will end up

But that’s ok

Because just hanging onto hope

Believing things will get better

Drives my ambition to reach for the stars

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