I'm a little happy, right now
I'm a little happy, right now big news stories

glitchy_red Not gonna eat, tho...
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Yay! I told them! Now, just my mom!

I'm a little happy, right now

All right, you might hate me but, that's okay

So, um, about yesterday...

I really wasn't feeling to good-

Wait, i need to stop making it all about my-self

Away, i'm kinda happy.

Cuz, yesterday, i told my sister and, brother that..

..I'm pan.

Guess what?

My sister doesn't want me to be pan!

Why you ask?

...I don't really know.

I think that she hate's pan people, that's what i think!

Anyway, my brother...

Agree's with me.

He thought that i was bi, cuz, i said that some of the girl's in MHA are cute-

ANYWAY! I told him and, he like's me for who i am!

So, anyway, this was just a little post ~Bai, now~

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