The man in the shadows
The man in the shadows stories

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A man lies in wait. After long years of planning, at last comes the day of vengeance.

The man in the shadows

by glennhenley

Hollow echoes fill the room. The darkness gathers like dust about the walls. In the shadows, a man crouches.

In his head are the cries of his family, the begging and pleading of his wife as he lay broken and helpless on the floor.

These memories haunt him. Now he has come to take revenge and quiet the voices in his head. He has come for vengeance and for peace.

A boy dressed in casual clothing enters. He does not see the man in the shadows.

He nears. The man in the shadows pulls a gun out. A click.

But he cannot strike. He cannot.

The boy walks on, unharmed and unknowing. The son of the murderer will live another day.

The man sighs. All this for nothing. All those years, tracking the murdering robber and his family....

And yet... By the time he found them the murderer was dead; shot in another, more well-protected house.

Somehow, though, the man feels peace at last. A quiet, a silencing of the screams in his head.

He leaves.

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