Portrait of a girl at her desk
Portrait of a girl at her desk  mind-wandering stories

glennhenley Community member
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The portrait of a girl at her desk; relatable in her mind's habit of wandering away from studying.

Portrait of a girl at her desk

by glennhenley

The girl sits before her books, purportedly studying Her eyes rove over the same black lines again and again

Her mind wanders like the breeze outside her window Building castles and oceans and beautiful moments

Occasionally she is drawn back to the present A shrill whistle, a faraway cry, the slamming of a door

Her mother looks in to see her seemingly engrossed in her chemistry Satisfied, turns and goes out again; the girl does not notice

She has found the handsome knight of her dreams Chivalry and excitement at a myriad battles and balls

At last, it is time for lunch and the girl jerks out of her reverie As the gong booms and resounds through the little rose-coloured cottage.

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