If my cat had OCD
If my cat had OCD  cats stories

glennhenleyCommunity member
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A poem about the merits of my crazy cat having OCD.

If my cat had OCD

by glennhenley

If my cat had OCD Then he'd be just like me

He wouldn't be such a messy eater His room would be a damn sight neater

I wouldn't always have to clean up after him Because he wouldn't treat the house like a massive bin

He wouldn't jump and dart at non-existent enemies Or wake us all at night with his cacophony

If he were to go my way My cat would be sedate but no fun at play

So I guess it's a good thing for me That my cat hasn't the slightest bit of OCD

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therainierAmateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
3 months agoReply
Amazingly funny and creative poem! Very vivid visuals started popping up in my imagination. Great work :D

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
4 months agoReply
This was clever. I loved it. You made that messy cat come alive in my imagination. I had a beagle with OCD. She was the neatest dog I've ever seen. She would keep her gnawing bones in a line equally spaced nest to her food bowl which had to be in the exact same place or she would not eat. Great poem!!!!