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glennhenley Community member
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A rant/rather melancholy take on superficial friendships.
(Poetry, in a way....almost)


By GlennHenley

Fuck the people who you call friends They'll do you no favours And they'll dig your grave for you

When you live beyond the age of ten You realize it doesn't get better But you pretend, you hold on to hope

When at the cusp of adulthood, however You learn the truth that you always knew Your "friends"? They don't care for you

When supposedly in times of need They may help, excuse their greed Feel satisfied they've proved their creed

But when you really do need them They think it's small They think it doesn't matter at all

They leave you in the ditch They leave you feeling like shit But it's your fault if you quit

So be light, be fun, be detached but not rude Be who you used to be before you thought you met friends Who told you it was okay to remove that facade?

Today's judgement day Not for them, but for you Can you survive in this world of abuse?

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