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Keep yourself real.


Dusty rains fall from ahead of me and I am blinded. Consider me dead for I am lost and forgotten to the world I hate. Animals notice me not and I am not sure I exist. I give nothing and take everything I possibly can, call me selfish.

I know not anyone, how could I? Faceless people are all I see, I feel nothing towards the majority. Endless, endless, I know not entrance. Scatter towards the horizon then maybe I might see it.

Then, not now, perhaps it could've changed. But I know not anyone, how could you? You feel nothing towards those you cannot see. I wished my sight had been taken from me.

I wish not to see these bright colors, sharp and piercing. I bleed on the floor, endless, endless. I still know not anyone, how could they? Talk none, feel nothing, I wish it wasn't true.

I don't want to be the only one but I fear the worst anyways. Endless, endless, I see revolution. I am scared, call me sensitive. But I am known by nothing, how could you blame me?

My blood is red, everyone sees black. But I know the truth, for not everyone is made of cloth. Despite what they want to know, what they believe. I am made of glass.

I keep to myself, call me alone. But I refuse to be lonely and I have so much company. If only they could see me. Watering eyes do not know how to feel anything else.

How could you believe me? I speak of no truth to you, only to myself, so why listen? Leave be, leave be, it is endless, endless. Why not try for a little while, shatter my glass body.

Send me a letter and hope I burn it. We are wired and wrapped and weird and worried about the world. We hold futuristic knowledge of nothing useful. How to live forever gives me nothing, nothing.

It leaves me endless, endless. I know not anyone, how could we? I am not you but it is no excuse. Difference and obligeance, I owe you nothing.

Leave be, leave be, it is me you cannot see. Leave them alone, not lonely. It is not over and the war is not won and I fear one more time. Do not cry for anyone but yourself and let you be weak.

Do it, you cannot see me. See yourself and speak with words that no one else can hear. Let the earth wrap you within yourself to become your truth. You see, you see, you see.

Just not me. Blink.

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