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glakasa I mostly write while drunk
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A challenge turned full poem. I just really hated that phrase; I think it's overused and not used correctly. Feel free to give your thoughts; this is a safe space for your own opinions.


Space, an ever so intriguing phenomena that challenges all kind of logic

And if you are thinking of numbers then you are sorely wrong, this is something a lot more tragic, more harmful than plastic,

I am mad and I've had it

Why is it that whenever someone would be asking for space, the both of you drift apart

Like two boats during a storm, each hoping they wouldn't get thrashed by the wind or get eaten by sharks

Isn't the opposite supposed to happen

That the strife between resolved not by themselves but together, their relationship ever so sharpened

Not as blades that would kill no, but edges that protect

One that will face adversaries and loudly declare, "Not yet"

"Not today, you fool"

We're winning a bet against Death

But it doesn't go that way, and why is that?

It seems idealistic, yes but it's possible

Can someone please prove that?

Or am i once again alone, all of this not enough for my sins pardoned, genuinely atoned

Fuck it!

I will be the one to prove that!

Or die trying; my dedication shall never be fleeting; demons facing me in this endevour will tuck their tails fleeing; and I will succeed against all odds, the majority will I be beating

For I genuinely believe

And that's enough

- Glakasa

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