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glaguilar961If you're okay, then I'm okay.
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This was written to my girlfriend who was questioning her self-worth one night. No matter how much I wanted her to know that she had a purpose in life, she couldn't grasp that concept around her head. The title Bug comes from a childhood nickname that my girlfriend's mom gave her. I found it to be the best title for a poem that is meant to show her that she matters.


by glaguilar961

I find it the very poetry. The very sway of the world

To call you Bug.

In the hopes that this girl, will keep the hope

That she has in her eyes

And will never tame the fire

That is lighting up her skies

And I want to be there

For every ounce of ache and pain

To see you pull together, Only to see

Another one of your shirts stain

Bug, be afraid. Be curious

Of what you can do

And in the back of your mind keep it.

That the world is meant for you

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