Things that I absolutely HATE
Things that I absolutely HATE lol pls read stories

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Things that I absolutely HATE

We all have things that agitate them. My little sister hates it when we copy her,my cousin hates it when we don't leave him alone,and my little brother hates it when I mess with his stuff......So yeah.We all have stuff that gets to us. Especially a person who has two little siblings,running around the house,playing video games,and being the merry,go happy kids they are. (Cough,me,cough.)

So,I'm gonna tell you guys some stuff that gets on my nerves. One of the stuff that gets on my nerves,is awkward silence. Oh my lord,It's one of the most annoying things that can happen in a conversation. For example; Random Person: YADA YADA YAK YAK Random Person 2; *nods head YADA YAK YAK *Awkward Silence*

Random Person;What were we talking about again? Awkward silence,to me,is just the SATAN of the conversation.It basically makes things completely weird,and even though I'm a complete weirdo, I.....I don't like it.Another annoying thing for me is my hair. I have thick hair,and even though I cut it shorter,it's still thick.And there's still a lot of it.

The reason I cut my hair because, (a) I was bored with my hair and I wanted to see what else it could look like.(b) It was driving me insane,O MY GOOD LORD,it just needed to take a vacation.There was probably a thousand styles I could've done with my old hairstyle to make it look legit chick and gorgeous,but I was born with just not giving half crap,so there's me for yah.

The top thing that ticks me off,is ANYTHING PINK. I don't like pink. I.ABSOLUTELY.HATE.IT. HAAAATEEEE. I think it's a girly color and it represents misogny,and...... I...just don't like it. Well,that's about it. Let me know what your hates are in the comments below!! Bi.

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