The Cave of Mirrors


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Hiya. Sorry f this isn't that good! For the daily prompt.

The Cave of Mirrors

Mira slipped through the cracks of the cave,just as the rain had begun. It was extremely beautiful. Perhaps even blinding. It was like all the walls were made of pure diamond. She trudged forward,breathing slowly. She ran her hand across the walls. They reminded her of a compact mirror her Mom had always carried around. Every time she had to go on a assassin mission,she would check her reflection,tying her platinum

blonde hair tinted with blue. Mira looked back at the walls and froze. The walls shimmered like water was being poured on it. An image of her Mom getting ready for a mission appeared. "Where are you going Mom?",Mira had said. Her Mom had turned around and looked at her smiling sadly.

" Nino asked me to do a favor for him. Sorry it was on such short notice." She ruffled her hair. Mira had tried not to cry. Her Mom never had to go out on short notice unless it was dangerous. Your fault. Mira snapped her head up. A voice? Your fault, it echoed again.

Mira's shoulders slumped. She's dead.Because of you. You brought this on her ,it continued to whisper. A voice echoed through the cave. "Hey kid!" Mira looked toward the entrance.A man had stuck his head through the entrance she had made. She screamed. Before she could think, she

ran. Your fault,your fault,your fault!,the cave continued to chorus. Tears were stinging her eyes. She slumped down and hugged her knees. Sobs echoed through the cave. "Hello." Mira looked up. Standing before her was a boy. He looked about her age,with dark chocolate colored hair and

bronze skin. He had gentle light green eyes,that seemed to silently comfort her. "Do you want to get out of here?",he whispered. Mira nodded. He held out his hand. She took it. A blinding light flashed across the cave. "I've finally found you!!",the man yelled.

The man then confusingly looked around the cave seeing nobody in the area. "Where did she go?",he wondered aloud.

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