Selene Carly's School For Demigods,Chapter 1 part two:The kitchen hurricane of 2020
  Selene Carly's School For Demigods,Chapter 1 part two:The kitchen hurricane of 2020 school for demigods stories

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Here's Part 2 of chapter One!! Hope you enjoy! Sorry it's a bit long.

Selene Carly's School For Demigods,Chapter 1 part two:The kitchen hurricane of 2020

I observe the odd looking group, keeping a low profile at the same time. They looked like rich kids, but not like brothers. Maybe cousins at the most. Most of them were blonde, with green or gray eyes, except a taller boy that I'm guessing was the leader of the group. He stuck out with a scar going from his jawline up to the right side of his nose ,making him look

tough. He had dark, tan colored skin with hair that somehow looked white, his ocean blue eyes completing the picture. I guess one of the boys told him I was staring at him, because he returned my glance with a deer- in-the-headlights look that I usually got from my brother. He got up from his seat, and began to walk over to us.

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. I was legit nervous. Can you blame me? This guy looked like he was supposed to be on the Dallas Cowboys(Okay ,maybe I'm exaggerating a LITTLE bit, but he was really tall.) He stops at the back of our seat. In a shaky, little bit of a deadpan voice asks,"Can I sit here?"

Conrad and I exchange confused looks. Cool kids never talk to the social recluses. That's not how society works. Okay. A little weird, but okay. As long he doesn't try to make conversation- "So,um hi." ... You've got to be kidding me. What do we do,I mouth to Conrad.

He shrugs. "Um,hi.",I said back. The conversation ended at that. Ha,just kidding. You guys know my life is way too jacked for a normal conversation. "So,I'm new,so,um, I need to know if I'm on the right bus. Is this Bouleviard Bus?" "Oh my god, what do you want?",I blurt out.

"Uh,w-what?" I sigh. To late to take it back now. "What do you want? You just ditched your cool friends for two social outcasts. So,why are you doing this? Is it a dare?" He breathes deeply. "You probably won't believe what I'm about to say to you both. Your lives are at risk, you need to run."

"What?" "They're coming for you." "What?Wait-" "They'll destroy everything." "Hey-" "Your Mom can tell you everything. "

He takes out two envelopes, both with a shiny gold seal with an eagle on it. "This letter might help you comprehend what might happen in the future." "What-" "Now if you excuse us, we'll have to take our leave."

"You guys ready?!",he called back. "Uggh, just hurry up already! This school blows!",a blonde boy with hazel eyes yelled back. "Bye." Then,they disappeared out of thin air. Literally. Silence.

"What the crap just happened?",Conrad asked quietly. "I don't know.", I reply."But whatever it is, Mom has answers." Nora Stephens is probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. I mean, she's pretty hard not to like. She has a warm smile with auburn hair that always smells like

chocolate. When we get to our apartment, she's laying down on the couch, her hair in a messy bun, her apron splattered with flour. "Mom!" As soon as I yell,I feel bad for doing it. Mom was a pretty hard person to get mad at. I wave the letter around. "What is this?",I ask. Mom pauses and opens her mouth.

"Before you say anything, the truth. I want the truth." Mom smiles sadly. "The truth...the truth is, you guys aren't...normal." "What are you talking about?",Conrad asked. "Your Dad, wasn't normal.He...wasn't human."

My heart sank. "What are you trying to say?" She took a deep breath and looked at us with her green eyes. "Your Dad...was a god."

To be Continued......

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