Running with the wolves
Running with the wolves i love wolves stories

girlwhocandraw Just a misfit in this crazy world.
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Sorry if I'm writing WAY too much!! I just feel like writing this week and a bunch of words are just floating outta me!! Hope you like my song! (Even though it's unfinished!!"

Running with the wolves

I have my thoughts,you have yours. So different,yet the same. We both come from distant shores. But we don't play by the game.

When there's obstacles,when life's not fair, I've got a place,I'll take you there. It's the place I call my own. It's where I go........

Running,running,running with the wolves. Where people can't use me,use me,use me as their tools. Where it's just the wind in my hair and the dew in the air and the morning breeze. Do you want to go running,running,running, with the wolves?

Lol that's all i have so far my original song. I hope you liked it! I'll try to come up with more lyrics to the song and post the whole song on a seperate day,so hopefully I can get that out before Monday. Thanx for reading!!

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