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Writing through a work f art's perspective! Special surprise at the end.Shout out to Dead_Inside234 for the idea!

Pigtail girl

Eyes. Everywhere. Staring. At me.

I feel so uncomfortable with all the stares directed towards me. It sounds ridiculous,I mean, I'm a painting it's my job,but how would you feel if people were always staring at you? Doesn't feel good,does it? Plus,nothing interesting happens in the Louvre anyway. There was this one time when that scream painting almost got stolen

through security,but the thief ended up getting caught.When I asked him what it was like,he just screamed about it. Very rude of him. Didn't his parents tell him it's not proper etiquette to scream at people? The Louv is boring. A majority of the paintings don't like me because I'm one of the most popular. And my lovely

farmer friends' painting got relocated to a different exhibit. So what do I have to look forward to? Every Saturday at 2 o'clock. Why? Because when that time came so did pigtail girl,with her electric purple hair,and colorful clothes.

Every Saturday at two o clock,she'd be standing in front of me,and we'd have all sorts of conversations. People would look at us while we chatted,but this time it didn't feel so bad. As long as Pigtail girl was there.

Authors Note; Hey you guys. Your girl Lizzy here. I swear I'm not dead,I just had no wifi for 1 week or so. But,I'm back and running,so we can just toss the infrequent posting behind us! So,i I'm so Bored,dead_inside234 suggested writing something from the perspective of a

of a drawing or a piece of art,and I thought it was a totaly great idea! Special shout out to Dead_Inside234! While I was doing this,I though about all the artwork I've done,and thought it's be neat to share with you guys! So here's my little gallery!

Sorry if it's sucky!! You can see more art later,when I feel more confident in my ability as an artist. Peace, Lizzy

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