Olympus Q and A Part 1
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Kay,so I know I haven't been posting...and to that I say;

Olympus Q and A Part 1

Me; Hey,it's your girl Lizzy and today- Hermes; I thought you said there'd be nachos. Me; ... Me; Dude. Me; Let me do the freaking intro.

Hermes; But I want nachos- Me; LET ME DO THE FREAKING DAM INTRO!(Pjo pun intended.) Hermes; ... Me; So,as I was saying, today we're interviewing the Gods of Olympus. Sure I had to... put down some uh, da um, ground rules, which the gods

swore on the River Styx they would comply to. Right you guys? Everyone; ... Hades; I regret saying yes to this. So, so much. Me; See? Hades is getting it! Well done my friend, you just earned a pat on the back-

Hades; Neeevver touch me. Me; ... Me; 'Kay. Me; Anyways,ON WITH THY INTERVIEW. Everyone; ...

Percy; (Walks in.) You know how hard it is telling people that we're related? Me; Shut up Fish Face before I stuff my shoes up your nose. Ares; She's up for adoption right? Poseidon; NO. (Wrestles me and Percy into hug.) MINE.

Me and Percy; ... Me; Dad, we talked about this. Boundaries, remember? Poseidon: Fine. But I have my eye on you Ares. Ares; Whatever.

Me; ANYWAYS, first question. Who's you favorite child, and if you don't have one, who's your favorite family member?

Athena; I'd have to say Einstein. Now THAT young man was a genius. Annabeth; You're kidding right? I fell through freaking Tartarus, I held the SKY, I found the god dang ATHENA PARTHENOS- I refuse to not be recog-

Hades; I don't specifically have handpicked favorites. All my children are my favorite. Nico; ... Nico; I'd hug you if I wanted to. Hades; (Touched.) ...Come here son.

Apollo; BRITTANY SPEARS. Will; ...Wait, what? Apollo; Don't get me wrong, I love you son, but....Brittany...

Me; Okiii,next question. What is your favorite mortal restaraunt to eat at?

Hades; McDonalds. Their chicken nuggets actually gives me hope for the dreadful demise humanity will eventually bestow upon themselves.

Aprhrodite; Well,there's actually this place candlelight dinner place in Italy that is just SO FAB-

Zeus; Burger King.

Hera; Dairy Queen.

Zeus and Hera; ... Poseidon; Did you guys just- Hades; No. Poseidon; Make a- Hades; Stop. Poseidon; Couples pUn?

Me;Okay, so um, good old Dad had to be dargged out of throne room by Artemis,so we probably won't hear from him for a while. Anywayss, next question. Thoughts on Camp Half Blood/Camp Jupiter?

Demeter; I mean, it's okayyy. My only issue is the lack of greenbeans on their plates. Katie; Mom- Demeter; IF ONLY MY KIDS WOULD PUT MORE CARBOHYDRATES IN THEIR MEAL.

Ares; Both camps are awesome-BUT you know what would make them more awesome? MORE BLOOD! AND DEATH! Clarisse; YEAH!! Frank; ... Frank; How are we related again?

Zeus; The Zeus cabin could be a little bigger- Thalia; Dad. Zeus; And there could be more statues of my immortal handsomeness inside- Thalia; DAD STOP.

Me; Next question; what is your OTP?

Aphrodite; PERCABETH.

Demeter; ...Percico. Percy; What's Percico? Aphrodite; LET ME PREACH.

(One flashy slide show presentation later...)

Nico;(Walks in.) Hey, I just got us some Mc- Nico; ... Nico; Is Percy alright? His cheeks are really flushed- Percy; NOTHING.IT's NOTHING. Nico; ...Okay..?

Me; Welp, that's all the time we have left for today! See you next time, and don't forget to comment any questions below- Hermes;... Hermes; I still want my nachos.

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