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I am my own worst enemy.


Hurricanes follow closely in my wake

nipping at my heels, ready to strike

when my heart is most vulnerable

There are warnings, but the sirens only whimper soft pleas

and those who live in my heart cannot hear them

it thrashes the homes of my friends

uproots the foundation of those I love

they have to evacuate from the cottages I painstakingly created for them

with cozy blankets, hot fireplaces, fruitful books and complimentary tea

as soon as they settle into roots of my heart

he strikes with unforgivable vengeance

and just like that

they are gone from me.

once they get to the sun

they see the havoc wreaked upon me upon their once cherished home

and decide that the damage is far too devastating

'leave me and collect the insurance'

they move on somewhere better, somewhere that promises safety

even in the spring

when another heart unfurls and blooms into something worth living for

with my thrashed and barren heart, the hurricane looks at me with its stormy eye

‘They were going to leave anyway’

he’s protecting me, he says

by being my own damn demise

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