Note for My Monster
Note for My Monster break up stories

gingerqueen17 'Tis I, The Queen
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This was part of a song I wrote to my ex, who deserves no such shoutout.

Note for My Monster

Your lips, your eyes, Your lust, your lies You said my name, I played your game

You're nothing but a faker, Nothing but a taker You wanted me to be your baby (maker) But you didn't want me

On my skin, I can feel your lips And in my hands, I can feel your hips I wish you wouldn't go away

I wish without sleeping with you I could make you stay I just wish all this pain would end I wish for a moment I could pretend You cared about me

Once I wished upon a star That you would want me in your heart But my dream fell flat and fell apart When I realized humans have hearts

And you, my love, are not human

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