Hitman Delivery
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A hit man was hired from a nice, innocent lady... But for a different job than expected.

Hitman Delivery

I can't believe she's asking me this.

"Can you please go to my daughter's school and give her this balloon?" The nice lady looked up at me. Her face was smiling, her eyes pleading.

Her light, brown hair with ginger tips was tight in a messy bun, her hands clasped together.

She was wearing a bright blue dress, her innocent appearance could make anyone believe she was a Disney Princess.

I was baffled. This lady had the guts to call me, bring me to her home, and then ask me to give her little seven-year-old daughter a balloon?

"Lady, do you even know who I am?" She shrugged it off like it wasn't important.

Pointing my finger at my self for emphasis, I yelled, "I'm a hitman!"

"Not important." Not important, what the heck is wrong with this lady? Is she crazy?

Her eyes started to sparkle with desperation, her lips curling to make a pout.

"Please sir, I'll pay you well. Just please give this balloon to my daughter. It's her birthday!"

"So what if it's her birthday? Don't you feel unsafe with me here? Why don't you do it?"

She started counting with her fingers, "First of all, I can't because I have to go to work and won't be back till late and second of all, I feel safe because I believe you're a good person.

Like my mom always said, everyone is innocent until proven guilty." If my dark black hood covering most of my features wasn't guilty to her, I didn't know what was.

I grabbed the bridge of my nose and breathed in, wondering how there were more stupid people in this world than I thought.

I let out a deep sigh then said, "Ok, so you want me to give your daughter a balloon. You don't want me to kill anyone?"

She dramatically let out a deep gasp, as if she was in a show, grasping her chest with her hand.

"Oh heavens no! Now, why would you think that?"

"Because you hired a hitman!"

"I hired a NICE man to deliver a balloon to my daughter."

"Oh my god," I mumbled. "How much would you pay?" I looked at her with pure distaste, bracing for the fact she would only give me ten bucks at most.

"How about 200 dollars?" I was baffled before but now I'm extremely petrified with shock. 200 dollars for a damn balloon?! I looked up to the ceiling and closed my eyes with shame.

"I can't believe I'm about to do this..." I whispered. Looking back down to the woman's puppy face, I sighed and replied, "Fine."

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